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Kimberly: Big Black Boobies and a Jiggly Juicy Ass

Saturday, April 5th, 2008

We don’t get very many black babes, so when Kimberly agreed to do a photo date for us I was thrilled. When she got to my beach house she picked out an orange and white tropical print micro thong bikini to wear. I offered to let her us the pool house to get ready but she said she was a bit of an exhibitionist and would just change on the beach! As we walked down the steep rock stairs to the shoreline, Kimberly’s huge cleavage kept spilling out of her tight tank top and her little cutoff shorts were riding deep up into her bottom crack and camel-toe, undraping the edges of her smooth brown snapper lips. As I knelt down to remove some equipment from my bag, Kimberly bent over to remove her shorts and slip into the micro thong, intentionally putting her elegant black butt so close to my face that I could have counted her backside spokes and labia wrinkles! As I caught a whiff of warm wet snapper perfume my dick was instantly solid and throbbing.

Not only does Kimberly have a nice set of large natural titties and a luscious round bottom, but she has a trim waist and long legs to balance off the package. Those huge aureoles are like peanut butter cups sitting there waiting to be eaten. When you get a choice look at her massive meaty pussy, her dark clit will make you think of a chocolate covered cherry…smooth and hard and after you suck on it for a little while it suddenly pops and fills your mouth with thick good sticky juice! Kimberly is a natural in front of the camera. One of her ideal poses is on her hands and knees, spreading her backside cheeks, pulling that thong to the side, giving you the best possible see of her dark starfish and engorged pussy.

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Hollie: Cute Blond, Sassy Hottie

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

Hollie is a combination of cute blond and sassy hottie. She was a little embarrassed when she first put on her turquoise micro thong bikini at my beach house and saw how undraping it is. I reassured her that the babes set the pace for all of my photo shoots and that she could do as little or as much as she felt comfortable with…I just wanted to be around to catch what ever the amount was on film! After a few minutes of warm-up picture standing in the sun next to the waves, Hollie perched on the beach rocks and began to relax. She spread her legs as far apart as she could get them and showed me how nicely she fills out her thong, undraping her plump camel-toe lips popping our from behind the edges of the silky fabric.

I was pleasantly surprised when Hollie slowly reached up, and one by one, pulled the triangles of her micro bikini top to the sides of her small natural breasts and began massaging her fully displayed perky ripe nipples. Then she started laughing and rolling around in the edge of the waves, getting herself all wet and me throbbing hard. I was snapping picture of titties and coochie lips flashing everywhere! As you can notice in the gratis photo of Hollie pulling aside her micro thong and arching her crotch into the camera lens, her fully nekid smooth snatch stares exactly like a defectless Georgia peach; juicy, ripe, and ready to eat!

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Barbie & Summer: Two hot thong girls on one secluded beach.

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

It was a nice and bright sunny day when I took Summer and Barbie down to the cliff side beach for their session . They were both very excited that I set this date up for them. They had only met on one other occasion when I was screening them for their solo shoots. (Their other shoots are in the also!) Anyways, I could tell that they sort of hit it off as they were chatting it up pretty exquisite while chillaxing on my pool deck overlooking the ocean and having a few Margaritas! So a few days later I called each of them up and asked if they would be interested in doing a assignment with each other. They were both agreed and were very exited and eager to do it.

So here we are. Me, my gear, and two of the hottest fuckin pieces of butt in the smallest micro thong bikinis you ever directed your eyes on! These babes were smoking hot. Between the two of them you had the most magnificent of both worlds. So alike yet so different. I was in the twilight zone imagining all the different things you could do and all the different places you could lick or even just relief out in licking, if they needed support, if you know what I mean :-) Blah, blah, blah, so anyways back to reality and this shoot.

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Fiona: Top shelf nude beach girl exposes it all.

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

Fiona is the one of the top cream of the crop models on BeachModel.Com. She is so fine beyond belief it roughly hurts your eyes she is so pretty. No problems taking this girl home to mom! Her faultless bald vagina with the exception of a faint little landing strip is enough to make you go wild! Her perfect small supple mammaries with dark chocolate brown eraser sized nipples and engorged areolas will melt you!

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Nikki: Hot and juicy one string split cameltoe thong pussy.

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

Nikki exposes her extreme pink snapper lips while she bends over spreading her rump cheeks apart giving you a balls to the walls noggin on encompass of the most amazing bent over rump and snapper you ever laid your eyes on. Nikki is hot to trot and her poses and full-length video are extremely x-rated and fill your screen with high resolution details!

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Stefany: Explicit micro thong girl exposes her meaty pussy lips and natural breasts.

Monday, February 11th, 2008

Stefany was another one of those girls that had a very special body that looked a plus in a micro thong bikini. I took a lot of pictures of her in some of the most explicit micro thongs available. Her body was rocking like no other. Everything about her was dazzling! Gorgeous face, topnotch big natural d-cup tits that hung perfectly. Perfecto bubble rear that showed off a thong to it’s full potential. And to top it off she had a set of snapper lips that were unbelievable!Where’s the beef? She was conclusively sporting the roast beef! I love it when my bikini babes have exquisite roast beef pussy lips. Stefany’s was hot as hell. I had her pose in several different thongs and each one her lips were hanging out the sides. They were very very erotic, wonderfully when she would bend over and arch her back to stick that ass out backside far as it would go. It was a site to encompass and will be burned into your brain forever!

Her tatas were luscious. Nothing better that a set of real natural d-cups. No fake titties on this thong sweetie! I was surprised that she had such a defectless slim body and still had such huge tatas and cute ass. Usually chicks with real titties that large are a little on the chunky side. Stefany was defectless! She conclusively put the extreme and xrated in this site. You might crave to check out some more bikini pictures of her so click here and check out her extreme micro thong pictures!

Tracy: Exposing her chocolate brown Asian volcano nipples!

Saturday, February 9th, 2008

Here is another extreme set of Tracy, one of our more popular girls modeling a pink micro thong bikini. Her tan skin contrasts nicely with the pink neon fabric and really views hot as hell on her. Especially her butt! I really enjoyed shooting Tracy because she really knows how to pose all on her own. You don’t have to tell her every little move. She seems to know what turns her observers on!

This particular day was our first appointment together. It went smooth from start to finish, just like all of our thong bikini shoots have since then. I hope to get plenty of her this summer and if I do you all are in for a large surprise! Hopefully you will love this thong site so much you will still be around for that.

To wrap this set up, expect a lot of sparkling angles in this thong set. Plenty of close up as and thong pic. I believe I was shooting with my keen wide angle lens as to capture Tracy’s luscious solid thong laden body as she frolicked and bestowed around on the desolate undressed beach. Free Preview here.

Adriana: Amazing see through micro thong bikini girl with perfect small breasts.

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

Adriana is one of those special babes that has that accomplished Bikini body. Every inch of her is dam near perfect in my book. I’m a sucker for tall babes with long legs and a perfecto bottom! Adriana fits the description to a tee!

She was a pleasure to work with during the bikini shoot. She was a bit apprehensive at first when she saw how tiny and exposing these micro thongs were. That went away as soon as she tried it on and she realized how sexy it made her look. She had a blast playing around and frolicking on the beach and having fun. She got plenty of glares from quite a few spectators when she took her top off and bare her near defectless A-Cup tits!

Towards the end of the first session she was relaxed enough to bend over and let us take some killer ass and crotch shots. You could roughly notice everything! Her meat flaps were hardly peeking out of each side of the admire through thong she was wearing was starting to creep up inside and you could notice the makings of a sweet little camel toe! WOW! I’m telling you! After you join and download the full size pictures of this hotties toe your dick will thank you!

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Kimmy: Sweet tender extreme thong girl exposes her pink pussy.

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Kimmy had the freshest pink pussy you ever directed your eyes on! A faultless tone of soft pink semi meaty lips and a nice sized clitoris that stuck out hard and appeared to be lovely to suck on. Just wait until you notice Kimmy’s sweet pink snapper in the members area! The high resolution pictures will fill your screen with magnificent details.

At first Kimmy was a little bit on the shy side as the rendezvous first started. She was sort of shy about spreading her legs too far apart so we could get a topnotch notice of her pink meat flaps. Eventually as the appointment went on and the tiny little thong she was wearing worked it’s way deep up inside her wet pink snapper and also rubbed ever so firmly against the outside of her tight pink backside hole. These actions caused her to get extremely horny and it wasn’t too long after that she completely removed the thong bikini and started to really spread her pussy lips for the camera like a pro!

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Alicias: Nice bent over juicy thick ass thong girl.

Monday, February 4th, 2008

The mini micro thong is one of the smallest thongs out there. Not too many thong chicks can pull off wearing one of these. They are about 1 inch wide at the top and taper down to a spaghetti string. When a babe bends over and gives you a exquisite rear shot while wearing a mini micro you are guaranteed to notice a little more than you bargained for. I’m talking extreme folks! The most explicit thongs out there!

Alicia was a culminating chick to wear one of these mini micros. She had an bum to die for, Hard and impervious and the thong made it look like a million dollars. She looked so perfecto pointed out on the beach. Looked like something out of a sports illustrated magazine. If you love tiny thongs and smooth rump then this is the site for you. Tons of hot thong babes.

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