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This is one cool fucking bikini site!          We have all  kinds of hot chicks bending over and spreading their ass cheeks exposing the tinies micro thong bikinis you ever laid your eyes on!          Some of them are so small they barely cover anything at all!             Some of them don't cover anything!             The blue thong you see Adriana wearing in this gallery is a see through Micro thong.        It is one of the larger thongs that you will see on this site.         That's right folks!  Can you just imagine a thong that covers less than this!            I love them!         They just slip right up into their pussy lips and make a perfect fit!          At first the models are a little freaked out because they are so small.        But after a while they like the way it feels as it rides deep inside their ass crack and sucks up deep inside their pussy lips.          Sometimes the string will totally disapear and you will see nothing except outer labia.          Now that you get the picture of what's going on here, reach inside your wallet and whip out your god damn credit card and buy a membership!                    This is the best site of it's kind bar none!                If what you see here right now puts a little twang in your pecker.......                              Just wait till you get in the members area and start downloading the full length extreme and explicit pictures and videos of this thong girl!           JOIN TODAY!!!!               I NEED YOUR SUPPORT!!!!       CHEEERS    BV..............

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